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not downloading anything


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I have been using ABC for ages now, then I heard that this is better.

well I started a download went to the shops came back and nothing. not even 0.01%.

over 1000 seeders it never connected to any.

tried the same torrent in ABC connected stright away.

anything I can do to fix this?

I am not behind a firewall or router, so I can't see what the problem is.

thanks in advance

/Don't bump your threads.

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I tried 5 different files, so 5 trackers can't be down.

ABC bittorrent client I took off my system

I don't touch the settings on clients because I don't know what it will mess up, so it is just the default.

I got a P4 HT 3.60 GH, 2 GB of RAM running on XP.

like I said I turned my fire wall is off and anti virus I also turned off/

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