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Major problem (router rebooting)


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I have had a problem lately.

We have dsl 6.0 which is connected to a Netopia modem. It has an ethernet bridge (that's how it's set) with an ip passthrough. Then I have that hooked up to the router and the router hooked up to 2 laptops (plus we have a wireless signal). Both of these laptops are hooked up via a "wire". I had this SAME setup at my mother in law's house (just weaker internet connection) but I used Azureus there and it was fine. I moved here and noticed Azureus was EATING her bandwidth (my wifes). I was downloading torrents and it was slowing her (basically sucking out all her internet and she could not do anything online when i was downloading torrents). In the end I changed Azureus over to utorrent and noticed every 2-4 minutes my router would reset itself (I mean completely reboot). I played with settings for 4 hours with NO luck and finally realized that it ONLY happened when utorrent was active. So I uninstalled it/installed azureus and it still happens, then tried bittorrent, then bitlord. Back to utorrent now SAME problem. When there is NO p2p program internet is FINE on both computers. When I start up utorrent it runs about 1 minute 35 seconds (rough range) and then it disconnected the router (completely resets it) and then it'll start back up, run 1-2 minutes and do it again (if utorrent is off then it continue running perfectly, permanently (with no disconections). I really want to get back to downloading/uploading my files but I am stuck like this and can't use P2P as long as it's doing that.

After doing some research it seems it's because it's creating connections faster than my router can handle them but then I don't understand why this was not happening at my mother in law's house this makes no sense to me. We moved into our own place with faster internet and I thought it would be better but it's just a nightmare I haven't been able to p2P in awhile and it's making me frustrated, I don't know what to do to fix it.

The router is a D-Link dgl 4500 and I have worn google out trying to find out what caused this problem and how to fix it with NO luck.

PLEASE someone help me get my P2P working again. I used utorrent because azureus was sucking ALL bandwidth but now when i retry Azureus it's doing this rebooting thing to, is there anything I can do to just get back to downloading my files again without it affecting my internet connection I am so frustrated at the moment.

HELP and thanks.

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