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downloading again....


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I'm using Utorrent for the first time and used azureus before.

In azureus i made some torrents, but when i use these torrents in Utorrent they start downloading...

The files are already on the drive.

What can i do to prevent that happening?? It's a waste of time

thanks in advance

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It means you didn't point µT to the right folder when loading the torrent. When loading, you have to point it to the folder ABOVE the torrent's. If the torrent makes a folder named say.. "Data1", and it's in C:\Torrents, you would point µT to C:\Torrents, NOT C:\Torrents\Data1

Stop the torrents, and individually set the download location for each one (right click -> set download location). Once you pick the right folder with Set Download Location (pick whatever would be like "Data1" instead of the folder above it in this case).

Then do a Force-recheck.

Make sure you delete the old files it created when it started downloading.

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