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Seed & Peer numbers in swarm


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I've just moved to utorrent from ABC and am very impressed with it.

Certainly is much less of a RAM hog.

Anyway, am slightly confused about the seed and peer numbers that are getting reported.

eg, Seeds 6 of 9 connected (10 in swarm) Peers 30 of 68 connected (69 in swarm).

I know this means I'm connected to 6 seeds, but why are there 9 possible seeds to connect to, but 10 in the swarm?

I have DHT switched off in preferences as most of the trackers i use are private.

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The tracker doesn't give you every single peer when you announce.

Also, incoming connections (which may not be reflected because you only announce ~30 minutes) bump up the number of connections.

It's also possible that you were never able to connect to that 10th seed. µT lumps all peers/seeders together as Peers, since it does NOT know what they are until it connects to them.

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