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Hyper-Wrt DD-Wrt


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I know that I am supposed to read everything, and I did - yet, I am no closer to knowing what I'm doing.

I recently bought a Wireless-G broadband router (linksys). My DLs seem a ton slower... in the STICKY for this board, it says that I need to upgrade the firmware before asking any questions....

Well, congratulations on confusing the h%$# out of me.

I have no Idea what version I have, as I can't find it "anywhere" in the booklets,program, or properties....

Next... I have no idea what hyper-wrt or dd-wrt is. I do know that since the sticky suggested that I had to DL two updates, that there must be a couple fixes I need to install. However, the link provided (in sticky) says that I should ignore if I have version 5 or higher (Which I have no idea of), and then it says to DL one or the other of dd-wrt or hyper-wrt.

This kinda reminds me of my sister giving me direction on how to get to her new house, and she didn't know any of the road names.

Hopefully someone can help me out.

Problem: DL's are a lot slower

Purchase date of new router: 2/17/08 (WRT54G Wireless-G)

Thanks in advance,


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