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Slow downloads


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I tried using other bittorrent clients before (specifically, azureus) but decided to switch to utorrent upon recommendation of a friend.

There was a point in time when I finally got rid of my NAT problem (with azureus) and reached download speeds above 100kb/s leading to less than a few hours download time (for 1GB and up files). Then... I dunno what happened. Downloads slowed down again. Also, I noticed the internet connection slows down when I'm torrenting (which never happened before. Actually nowadays my connection slows whenever I'm downloading anything period.) Thus, I switched hoping utorrent would solve that.

I'm at a complete loss with everything I've read on the guides but I think I followed them as best as I can. I haven't done any tweaking (because I can't understand a thing I'm doing) and only followed the set up guide.

My network status is green and I don't think I have any NAT problems. I've forwarded the port ok.

I've set up my speed guide to xx/64k


based on these results from the second site listed in the set up guide (set to my country, the Philippines)


and these from the first


net.max_halfopen is set to 8

OS is Windows XP Professional Version 2002

I've got Nod32 installed and am using the windows firewall

My router is Linksys Model no. WRT54G running on firmware v3.03.1 (I am aware of the sticky but was too afraid I'd mess up and brick my router)

I'm supposed to have a DSL connection though my comparison with other results worries me. Having said all that, may I please ask what I am doing wrong? What settings should I use to get faster download and upload speeds (and if possible avoid slowing down my connection when browsing the net in the background)?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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No, I wasn't browsing. The only window open was the speed test. I had uTorrent off and I was the only computer on my network.

Monthly bandwidth quota?

Umm out of Ultima's guide I configured Nod32 to have an exclusion for uTorrent. Also, I learned I have Linksys WRT54G ver.2 but I'm too afraid to touch the firmware (unsupervised) lest I screw things up badly. TT__TT

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Many ISPs only allow their customers to use so much bandwidth a month, and then cripple their line if they use more than that. After the end of the month (or longer), the customer's line is made "fast" again...supposedly. This is to prevent overuse (read: save ISP lots of money) by customers. I don't agree with it as far as how LOW many ISPs set the quota (often less than 1 GB a day), but that's what they do.

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