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Setting up Kerio Firewall


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One of my friends who knows more about networking and computers than I do, told me off for using Windows Firewall. And instead got me to install Kerio Personal Firewall.

The problem is I don't know how to configure it for uTorrent. Its asks me a variety of questions when Kerio is installed and I don't know whether if I permit all or any of them, whether I open up a backdoor for trojans etc...

I looked up google but didn't come up with much help for uTorrent and Kerio setup procedures.

Can someone please help and point me to a relevant site. I went to http://dslextreme.com/users/surferslim/tpf.html but no help there.



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Windows Firewall isn't bad, it just doesn't block outgoing things, and if you have a worm or something then your computers already compromised, in which case you should have anti-virus. If your getting a lot of questions maybe you have it in some kinda training mode. Looking at the user manual it sounds like you have it in advanced mode. Also going by the manual, go to the network security section, and in applications look for utorrent.exe, single click on it, edit, and change everything to allow.

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