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Port Wont Forward!! Netgear WRG614v7 router


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For Months ive been trying to forward a port to utorrent.

Ive probably done it about 10 times but still fail.

The guide on portforward.com told me to make a static ip adress, which i have done. It is

And then it told me to put in the port that utorrent uses for downloading which is 55641

Then it gave me a series of lines to put into the port forwarding page into my router

Service name: Utor1

Service Type: TCP/UDP

Start port : 55641

End Port :55641

Server IP :

I put that into my router and it says "ip must be lan ip"

So i thought maybe if i put my lan ip "" But that doesnt seem to have worked.

When i tested it in the utorrent tester it said "Forwarding port 55641 on ERROR, port doesnt seem to forwardd

Its in my firewall exceptions list.


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Server IP is your local Address which is

Only reason it wouldn't work is if you already created an entry where the same port forward is assigned to a different IP address.

Another instruction set here:


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Go to Start> Run and type in cmd. In the command prompt windows, type in ipconfig and press enter. A list of your internet properties will be there, but focus on the Default Gateway one. Open your internet browser and type that in, then a password prompt area will come up, enter your router details. Go to the forward port area and make any port number and make it any name (Doesn't have to be called Utor1). Where it says the ip address, put the one which was found next to Default Gateway. Select apply and the change should be made. Open Utorrent, and make sure that you have any firewall turned off Stealth Mode or any plugin for the browser that makes your internet in Stealth Mode. Enter the port number into Utorrent and check if it is forwarded correctly.

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