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Port Forward Problem Identified Help Requested


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My DSL modem is an Actiontec GT701, which from what I can gather is also a router, and my router is an Asus WL520GU. So when I configure the Asus router to port forward I am still stuck behind the GT701. After connecting to the GT701 and playing around w/ its configuration I realize that I know just enuf to muck things up and since there are in effect 2 routers I don't know which if any instructions on Portforward.com to follow. I have googled but am not really making any headway on my own so aome help would be greatly appreciated.


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You can do one of three things:

1. Port forward on the Actiontec, to the Asus's IPA, then on the Asus, to the computer.

2. Set the Asus to bridge mode if it's available, then forward in the Actiontec to your computer.

3. Set the Actiontec to bridge mode if it's available, if neccessary set up PPPoA/PPPoE on your Asus, and forward from your Asus to your computer.

Bridge mode removes the firewalling of the device, it's best to use on whichever is crappier for P2P. For the moment, just try the the double port forward. Port forward in your Actiontec, send it to your router, port forward in your router, send it to your computer. If one of the devices give out from being a piece of crap, use bridge mode on it to bypass it. Disabling the SPI firewall if it exists may work around this.

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