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Can't get port forwarding to work on my NB5Plus4


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Hi guys,

I've read and applied the port forwarding guide for my Netcomm NB5Plus4 several times now and I still can't seem to open a port to uTorrent. The test consistently states:

Error! Port 10500 does not appear to be open, and the triangle remains yellow warning of no incoming connections.

I thought I'd turn uPnP on in uTorrent and in my NB5Plus4, but that doesn't open the port either so I turned both back off again. I'm on a TPG ADSL2+ connection which the speed tests show as about a 750kb/s upload speed, but even when I configure uTorrent around these speeds and limits I can still only achieve < 10kb/s download speeds for most torrents. I tested the Open Office torrent and achieved 100kb/s download speed.

I know I must be overlooking something, but I've read everything and can't seem to spot it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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You seem to be in Australia (just a guess?)...ISPs there tend to have horrible monthly bandwidth limits as well as not-too-great download and upload speeds for connections.

You are definitely confusing unit measurements of internet bandwidth and uTorrent's down/up speeds.

If your upload bandwidth max as measured by speed tests is 750 kb/s, then obviously the units must be kilobits/second...since I know of no standard-issue ADSL2+ line that is faster than 24 down/1 up megabits/second.

The Open Office torrent achieved 100kb/s download speed...which is 100 KiloBYTES/second. This would take over 800 kilobits/sec download bandwidth, but since that torrent is almost entirely (VERY fast!) seeders you don't need a fast upload to max out your connection's download speed.

You probably confused bits for bytes, set uTorrent's upload speed about 1 magnitude too high for your connection. On regular torrents with more seeds than peers your download speed ended up abysmal...and your upload speed looks something like a sawtooth pattern.

Is there also a chance the speed test you ran only measured download speed?

Upload speed max is often only a tiny fraction of download speed max, ESPECIALLY for ADSL lines!

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Thanks Switeck,

Yes, I think I got the units mixed up. However, I did already have my connection type set at xx/768k in the speed guide, which set the upload limit to 72kB/s which is consistent with what you said. I re-ran the speed tests and achieved 3600Kb down and 1000Kb up as well as 2600Kb down and 840Kb up. I consistently achieve around the 800Kb up mark.

And, yes, I am in Australia, but the ISP plan I am on allows 30Gb a month before they shape, and I am definately under that limit at the moment. I also selected this ISP because they don't throttle torrent usage. Having said that, I've still turned encryption on.

Speeds aside, I still don't think this resolves my issue of not being able to effectively port forward my NB5Plus4 Modem Router. The uTorrent connection symbol remains yellow throughout and when I scroll-over with the mouse it states no incoming connections. When I test, it always states the port isn't forwarded properly. So, I suspect it is the lack of port forwarding that is causing me the most problems at the moment.

I've added uTorrent to the Windows Firewall exceptions in the Connections Preference, and am not aware of my running any other Firewall. I have downloaded Peer Guardian 2, but have disabled it at present until I can get uTorrent working properly without it in place first.

** edit 18/04/2008 **

I just went back and double checked everything and still no joy. I've established a static IP, forwarded the port, set my speed correctly, disabled uPnP, disabled DHT, lowered my global max connections, lowered net.max_halfopen to 4, patched TCPIP.sys and still the port checker says my port isn't open.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated, or an idea on how to go about identifying likely issues contributing to no port forwarding.

Help anyone?

** endedit **

Many thanks,


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