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Bandwidth allocation isn't working, priorities inside a torrent are


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Bandwidth allocation is behaving far less effective than the Priority setting that's manageable inside a torrent.

Using Priorities works pretty well, and the single file I leave with High Priority goes as fast as possible, and the others go slooooow, exactly the way I want. But this doesn't happen when using Bandwidth allocation, which is the "Priorities" system of each torrent. I was downloading a file taking my download connection to the limit, yahoo! But then, I set it to High, then when I open another torrent, and leave this new one at Normal. This new one goes downloading as fast as it can, and eventually both torrents keep downloading at the same rate. This feature doesn't seem to be working well, or I haven't got a clue of what it is about.

If Bandwidth Allocation is nothing related to priorities, I'd like to have Priorities available as an extra feature, so I could forget about these non-working Bandwidth Allocation =)

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How come you can't?

I have no idea how programming this thing works, but here is how it would work in my mind.

It is set in the client that one torrent has higher priority, so if this torrent is downloading at full speed, the others won't. The program probably can't know what is our highest speed, so we would tell it. For example, if the maximum download speed of my connection is 72KB/s, and my Highest priority torrent is downloading at 65KB/s, the others will have 7KB/s to share between themselves. Don't know if this would be possible, but it doesn't sound too impossible on my mind.

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