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Okay so i am new to this whole bittorent thing so i really don't know much about this. I downloaded uttorent 2 days ago and then i tried downloading something. My problem is that when i try to download something it is really slow, only at 10 to 20 kbps. I know that my problem is the yellow triangle thing. I tried the whole port forwarding thing but i just couldn't completely do it because of two reasons one i don't want to mess up my internet connection and two everytime i try to get to my linksys log in page it keeps sending me to google. I am trying this on firefox and IE 7. Please help me.

ok let me clear it up a bit. I have a linksys router and a dsl modem. I am using a computer connected to the modem and the router. I am not using the wifi i just have the router connected to my dsl modem. I want to know if i still have to do the portfowarding thing to make my downloading speed better.

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