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Red flag !!!


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I have problem getting the red flag go green. I just purchased a new PC with Vista. When i use the old PC with XP everything works perfect. Green flag and Utorrent downloads perfect.

With Vista it is red and says i have listen error and should change port. I have done that several times now. The port forwarding is done correct both in router and Vista firewall and Utorrent is also allowed in firewall. When i test connection for the portforwarding, Utorrent says port is open and allows incoming connection.

Utorrent has perfect download speed even with red flag, upload is also okej (i think). But why cant i get the green light??

Something must be wrong, but what??

Please help me if you have any solutions to this issue!


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Nop, no other firewalls.

If i start up the PC with XP, Utorrent works fine. But not on Vista...

Portforwarding is done in router and Vista but still red flag. I dont get it....

With XP i have green flag from start...

Any other ideas??


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