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µtorrent 1.3 partially stuck - strange


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I've just encountered a strange bug in µtorrent.

Here are the details:

1. ZA asks if I would like to permit µtorrent to send emails.

2. I know that this is probably a false alarm, but I select "deny".

3. µtorrent seems to be stuck. the GUI is not updating at all, neither the speed graph, nor the "up speed column" (I'm only seeding several torrents, only one is active).

4. I find that I am still able to select different torrents in the upper section.

5. and this is the strange part: only when I select a different torrent, the GUI updates momentarily and than resumes the "stuck" state.

6. only the speed graph updates this way, the "up speed" column does not update and does not match the graph.

If you'd like more info that I can get from µtorrent before I restart it, let me know soon, since I'm the only seeder on a torrent, and I don't want the peers to suffer too long...


Edit: the status bar is not updating as well. only the speed graph.

Edit2: the peers tab is getting updated as well as the graph, but only when I switch selection between different torrents, and than it resumes to be stuck like the graph. The total up speed in the peers tab seem to match the speed in the graph.

Edit3: switching tabs also causes the GUI to momantarily update.

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Well, happily for me, and maybe sadly for you, the bug is gone now. If µtorrent will cause ZA to ask about sending emails again, I'll deny access again and see if the bug reproduces itself.

more info that might help you guys to find this bug: when the ZA window that asks about sending emails was up, the µtorrent window was completly blank, and stayed this way until I chose "deny". Also, the upper section and the status bar were completely stuck, unlike the "tabs" section that was only partially stuck and could be momantarily refreshed by selecting a different torrent or tab.

hope that this info helps...


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