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utorrent beta startup problem


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I'm experiencing the same problem as the OP. I installed the latest utorrent 1.8 Beta onto a fairly fresh XP SP2 install. The first run screen popped up and I set my network speeds. I then added some new torrents to the list and left it running for a few hours with no problems. I exited utorrent first and then shut down the computer once it had cleanly exited.

The next day I started the PC, let it finish loading and then started utorrent where I was presented with the screen that pops up when you first use it. I checked my settings and the changes I had made had reverted back. These messages appear in the log file:

[2008-05-23 13:22:59] "The file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Kev\Application Data\uTorrent\resume.dat' was damaged/missing. It has been recovered."

[2008-05-23 13:22:59] The file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Kev\Application Data\uTorrent\settings.dat' was damaged/missing. It has been recovered.

If I exit utorrent and try to delete these files manually I am unable to do so and just get the XP "Access is denied" error message.

I am running as a System Administrator and the security information for the utorrent folder and files shows that my user has full access.

I've also noticed that uTorrent doesn't notice any new work downloaded since I last shutdown the client. For example, If I have 20% of a file by the time I first went to shut down the client, when I restart it it will carry on from 20%, good so far. If I then have completed 40% when I exit the client a second time it will show 20% when I start it again. It does see the extra downloaded data but only after I've forced a re-check of the files.

If you need any more information just let me know and I'll provide it as soon as I can.


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