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Torrent stops at 99.9% and goes back to 99.5%


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Hi there,

I've been using utorrent for about 2 years now, and never had a problem, but in the last week, there's been 2 files that i just can't get to dl. I'm using utorrent 1.7.7, and like i said the torrent goes to 99.9% and then goes back to 99.5% and back to 99.9% again.

The first file i eventually got to 100%, i can't remember how exactly i got it to this this, i tried force re-check and shutting utorrent down and opening it up again, but this file i'm trying to dl at the moment is wrecking my head. I feel like Sisyphus pushing a stone up a hill for eternity only for it to roll down the other side again; i've dled 1.10gb of a 715mb file. Please help!

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