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Problem in resuming


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I installed uTorrent 1.7.7. on my laptop. Have been successful in downloading a few torrents. 1 night i started a huge download (approx 13 g) along with few other torrents.

Leaving before to office - I saw that the download was about to 69% and about 90% on smaller torrents. I 'Exit'ed the torrent, as I dont want it to work on office network.

In the evening, I started uTorrent again. The download of smaller torrents completed. However the 69% torrent (the bigger one) is still at 69%. Any suggestions?

I have tried the following..

1. Played with download/ upload speed limits

2. Cleared the peer list (I cant see any visual impact in the peers list)

3. I tried Pause / Force Start

Is it just because its a bad torrent?

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