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--I got a static address,went into run controls.ipcomfig/all,and confirmed all the numbers are correct.

--I set up the exception for the port with my router page,and checked that it is in there.

--I rebooted windows and the modem,and still the "test if port is forwarding properly" is still showing an error.

--Yes, Peer Guardian2 is allowing it through.

--I'm getting a yellow light instead of green.

--My Zone Alarm free firewall tells me that utorrent is listening to the port I set up. I turned off the firewall for a few seconds and there was no change.(I turned the wall back on.)

--My router is Embarq EQ 600-R ASDL Router.

--Now what do I do?


--Thank you.

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Turning a firewall off doesn't remove its influence. Additionally, ZA screws up a lot of programs, remove it. The router has an inbound firewall, but if you insist on having a software firewall, Comodo Firewall is powerful, and this forum has configuration instructions for it.

If removing ZA doesn't work, go onto the Embarq and find a status page with your WAN/Internet IP address, post the first half here for a NAT check, and see if it matches what appears on canyouseeme.

Also, on the Embarq, be sure you forward your listening port, to your computer.

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