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Very slow single seed torrents


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Hi all, it's my first post here, so be gentle ;)

I have only recently started using using utorrent, and have been having trouble with a download which seems to be exceedingly slow.

The torrent is fairly big at 7.8Gb, and it seems that there's only one seed.

There are about 60 peers though, so I thought it should speed up after a while, as we all get hold of different pieces, but it never seems to - every so often all the peers get stuck all at the same percentage, and the seed seems to disappear for a couple of days.

It's as if all the peers are downloading the same pieces of the files? Or could it just be limited by the seeder?

I haven't seen this before, as all my other torrents seem to down and upload just fine.

The torrent has been downloading for about 3 months now!

Any suggestions? Or do I just have to wait it out?

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Could be fake, you could also try waiting it out, running a search on the torrent info-hash to find another tracker with the same file and add the tracker, or finding another torrent with the same material. What IPa ranges do you see on the peers tab? 38 something is fake, I don't remember exactly what.. I think 38.100/16

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