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Rookie Question:


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--I skimmed,but did not read every word of the relevant tutorial posts.I have a static address,have the firewall down,have the "connections" box set correctly,and all that.

--On the advice of another poster,in another question,I removed my Zone Alarm Free Firewall. The same low speed and the same yellow light reading remained.

--Finally,my rookie question:

--The upper right hand read of the Zone Alarm page told me that "utorrent.exe is listening to (the correct numbered) the port.

--Does that tell me that the port is working properly and that the problem might be with my router (Embarq 600R ADSL router) or Embarq?


Thank you.

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Yes,I forwarded the port.

Yes,I un installed the firewall.

Someplace in the tutorials,I saw a list of questionable moda and routers;mine is among those.

What I was wondering,and did not say properly,is could the connection have completed on some parallel circuit,and the wall read it as the correct port? As the wall,before I un installed it,allowed the port through and identified it as the correct one,is there a narrow place in the pipeline? Is that narrow place my router or isp or both?

I'll try to get up to speed,but this is all new to me.


Thank you.

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