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House Phones Strangling Speed


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My phone company is my ISP. They provided me with an Actiontec M1000 modem/router. I have that router connected to the wall jack by a standard phone wire about 18 ft. long (to reach my desk). I have hardwired a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router between the Actiontec and my desktop with a short ethernet cable.

I was testing at speeds of about 1200 kb/s download and 80 kb/s upload. I knew my upload speed should be about ten times that, so I called my ISP. They had me unplug a cheap deskphone I had plugged into the Actiontec modem. That brought me to about 600 kb/s upload speed. I then unplugged the only other phone in the house. A new DECT cordless on the kitchen wall. It came with a filter because the DECT frequency is similar to my wireless frequency. My upload speed jumped to above 800 kb/s. When I removed the filter from the DECT phone and plugged it back in, my download speed crashed to about 130 kb/s.

I have port forwared successfully. (I had to port forward through both routers.) I have set up utorrent successfully. But my up/down speeds are optimum only as long as I don't have the phones plugged in.

Can anyone explain this?

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