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block ports


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specs cpu Q6600

asus p5k (p35 chipset)

isp rogers

utorrent 1.8 beta 10524


i recently got a wrt54g v8 put put dd-wrt v24 micro on it it is currently wireless connecting to my other wrt54g dd-wrt v24 micro that is connected to the modem and other computers by cable i keep getting block ports i tried setup of port forwarding on both routers but i still get that yellow triangle and then red circle

i tried turning on/off lazy bitfeild,net.max halfopen 80-0,map off/on,encpt/ force ,off enable etc.. tried randomizing ports checked if isp is throttling torrents nope upload was only 76 but download was 2245ish i check the computers directly connected to the first router utorrent works well no problem turned off firewall on both routers nope help onlt getting 50 kB/s tops help!!!!!!!!!!!

Internet also slowed down when utorrent is on and full download off page stops early

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Try the 1st AND 2nd links in my signature.

(The 1st lists the 'more information' we need if everything else fails. The second is my recommended settings for uTorrent.)

Do note that Rogers WON'T let you run torrents at anywhere near the speed your connection is rated for...upload speeds beyond 5 KiloBYTES/second are probably quite rare!

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