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Tracker Offline with Vista SP1 on brand new HP Slimline s3400t


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Up till this point, we have used several XP SP2 computers to download torrents after setting them up on our surfboard wireless cable router SBG900. When setting up this brand spanking new machine, we followed the exact same configuration steps. This involves setting up a port forwarding entry for UDP/TCP and opening a hole in the firewall for that port. After telling Norton Internet Security that we wanted it to let utorrent v 1.7.7 through, we opened the program and set the port to the correct setting. We clicked okay and proceeded to attempt to download a torrent. This failed with a red down arrow and the note that the tracker was offline. We attempted to use the openoffice torrents to see if it was a problem with the torrent and recieved the same error. The port forwarding checker confirmed that we had the right ports opened, so we proceeded to troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting steps:

0) We rebooted the computer and the modem to see if settings hadn't taken effect, but there was no change.

1) We checked Norton settings and confirmed that utorrent.exe was allowed.

2) We searched and found that disabling bits of Norton had helped others, so we disabled everything we could with no result.

3) We next uninstalled Norton, as I hate the program with a vile burning passion anyway. This didn't do anything either.

4) Confirmed that hole was poked in windows firewall, then turned it off just to make sure. No effect.

5) Lowered net.max_halfopen to 8 with no effect, then changed it to 4 and finally to 2 just to see. No effect

6) Disabled IP Resolving in Peers tab context. No effect.

7) Disabled DHT. No effect.

8) Disabled UPnP and NAT-PMP. No effect.

9) Disabled peer.resolve_country (actually it was already disabled). No effect.

10) Reduced global number of connections to 50. No effect.

11) Restarted computer and surfboard to see if there was something wrong (again).

12) Uninstalled version 1.7.7 and installed 1.8 Beta to see if that would change anything, but nope nothing.

13) My friend reminded me that we had had trouble with the Intel Gigabit network card in the old machine, so I checked up and found that it had an nForce network adaptor. Looked that up and found that if the nForce firewall were installed it would cause problems. Checked, but there was no firewall installed.

14) Uninstalled nForce drivers just to be sure and reinstalled them.

I have not performed the network layer hack as it says that it might not work in the documentation. Also, there are none of the half-open errors in the event manager.

At this point, I gave up and decided begrudgingly that I needed someone elses insight. If anyone can give me some help in troubleshooting this, I'd appreciate it.


1) There is no network status light as nothing seems to be connecting

2) Port checker says: OK! Port 26584 is open and accepting connections.

3) OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

4) Currently no firewal, antivirus, antispyware or antiadvertisement software installed

5) Router/Modem Model: Motorola SBG900

6) ISP: Comcast -- cable modem at 2949 Kb/s up and 970 Kb/s down

Have run Process Explorer and can provide details upon request.

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Doubtful it's the cause of your problem...but ComCast Cable lines will not let you sustain upload speeds nearly as high as speed tests show. :(

You may not even be able to upload faster than 40 KiloBYTES/second with nothing else going on.

This means the 'fastest' setting in uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) that you may be able to use without problems is xx/384k. :(

Motorola Surfboard modems are known to be problematic in the extreme with uTorrent...or really most file-sharing in general. :(

Would your setup happen to include a dual-core processor by any chance?

(I've heard there may remotely be problems with them + Vista + SP1 + uTorrent...though I don't know if there's any solution yet.)

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It is a dual core Intel processor slimline. I haven't tried my dual core AMD processor notebook with bittorrent since SP1 came out. It is also an HP, so there is a chance that I can replicate this problem on that network.

Sad thing is that this network with this surfboard modem have maintained easily 2 to 3 times the download speed of my DSL circuit from Qwest. I've watched him maintain download speeds of over 500 kB/s between several different torrents.

I'm going to go over tonight with several notebooks and see just what makes this problem tick. If we are lucky, I'll be able to report exactly how the failure is happening.

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