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NETGEAR WGT624 v4 Port Forward Problem


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I have NETGEAR WGT624 v4 router and I am having problems forwarding my port. It was working initially and just recently I noticed a decrease in download speeds. So I checked to see if my port was forwarded correctly. (Options > Speed Guide > Test if port is forwarded properly). This is what I got, "Error! Port 47624 does not appear to be open."

This is my IP address:


These are my port forwarding settings in Netgear:


These are my settings in uTorrent:


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Hi, It would be best if you setup a Static IP. Read this guide on How to Choose and Setup a Static IP:


Also are you on DSL?? If So what is the Make & Model of your Modem?? Read this Guide if this Applies to you:


Do you have any Firewalls, Internet Security Programs or Anti Virus w/Worm Blocker??

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I have a Scientific-Atlanta DPC21000 Cable Modem.

I don't know what you mean about the D-Link status page. I have a Netgear router.

So I am setup with a static IP now, but now my download speeds are worse. uTorrent says more port is open, so I don't get what the problem is now.


Now uTorrent says the port is closed. I don't get this!?

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