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Upload speed Problem


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Hello Friends, i am having a problem with my upload speed. I have 300kBps connection normally i get 35-40 kb speed for downloading but upload speed is very low it sticks around 6 kb....PLease help me how to increase my upload speed

here is my utorrent settings

connection type : xx/384k

global max no of connection 130

max no of connected peer per torrent 100

number of upload slot per torrent 8

max no of active torrents 6

max no of active downloads 3

seed while ratio 100%

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You seem to have little concept of what those numbers mean or how they interact with each other.

Your connection type is ONLY "384k" in terms of its download max, it's upload max is probably much lower...possibly even 64 kilobits/second! 64 kilobits/second is only capable of a theoretical max upload speed of 8 KiloBYTES/second...so seeing 6 KiloBYTES/second upload speed sounds about right.

Until you do a speed test to determine your line's real upload max, I'm going to assume it's 64 kilobits/second. This REALLY restricts what can be done in uTorrent as far as fairness to other peers is concerned...you simply cannot upload to them in a timely manner running multiple torrents at once. So here's my suggested settings:

upload speed max: 6 KiloBYTES/second...and you may even have to lower that to 5 or 4!

global max no of connection: 25

max no of connected peer per torrent: 20

number of upload slot per torrent: 2

max no of active torrents: 1

max no of active downloads: 1

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It could be then that you had a symmetric internet connection: same download AND upload speed!

If that's the case, then faster uTorrent settings might work...but you may be throttled due to past exceeding known and hidden daily/monthly bandwidth limits.

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Yes you are right Switeck...my ISP is throttled my connection (have check my speed on various sites offering speed check) but i don't know why they are doing it cause i have unlimited connection...is there anyway to switchback..although

i have written a mail to them.

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