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Port error n low speeds (i tried all i could find in forums)


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hi guys,

i m using vista ultimate. some time ago utorrent (1.77)worked flawless. suddenly few days ago i started having this issue of red circle and triangle in the port status. the max speed i can get now is about 15 k in total download from all active downloads.i m using eset security suite and have allowed the utorrent in the firewall as suggested in one of the forums here. windows firewall is disabled. I am using Belkin N1 modem router with firewall disabled. i have also used the port forward's guide to forward a port. downloaded a torrent from openoffice, same result in speed and port status. the u torrent is as per settings advised by Ultima and have set up my speed according to dsl test , 1 mb. I am in Malaysia using streamyx as ISP. there was no problems from ISP as it was working fine before n i have contacted them to check if they are blocking P2p.

i then changed to beta release and tried all the above no joy... i can download from rapidshare for example at more than 100kb/s

also i tried disabling my firewall no luck.fiddled around with the modem router. no joy. used different ports to see if there is a problem with a particular port. no luck.

Please advise on any soloution.

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Has your computer's LAN ip changed recently?

(LAN ips are 10.x.x.x, 172.16-31.x.x, and 192.168.x.x)

Can you configure the Belkin modem-router at all?

Do note that Belkin routers (and probably modem-routers as well) cannot handle uTorrent's normal settings for most speeds...you must reduce the settings as talked about in my 1st and 2nd links to more conservative values to get them to work semi-reliably.

Chances are, your ISP is still disrupting BitTorrent traffic even if they say otherwise.

This may help, if you can convert to uTorrent settings:


Give uTorrent v1.8 beta a try. It is slightly more resistant to ISP throttling.

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was away for few days..

my lan ip hasnt changed its

i can configure my modem router and have actually followed the instructions from portforward to ensure that the port 6881 in my case is forwarded.

I only have one firewall, eset smart secuirty and it is allowing in and out traffic to utorrent in all protocols

as for the settings for speed, i have actually put in the speed of 512 kb, half of what i actually have. I am using the Utorrent beta now and same problem and now I have another problem that the each time try and use utorrent to download a torrent, it kills my net connection and i cant use firefox or internet explorer i try using bitcomet, all is well..

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streamyx ISP in Malaysia seriously cripples both BitTorrent and international traffic...according to this list:


Even if they didn't, you may not have 512 kilobits/second upload speed max!

(Do note the conversion of kilobits/second to KiloBYTES/second is needed for upload limit max in uTorrent.)

It's very unusual for a computer's LAN ip to end with ".1" such as your

Often the ".1" ip is the router/gateway itself and ".0" is used for broadcast packets or some other junk.

Using port 6881 in uTorrent is generally a very bad idea. :(

TOO many ISPs still auto-throttle/block/cripple/disrupt/molest packets originating/going to port 6881 simply because that used to be the default BitTorrent port.

Better to use a port greater than 30000 (but no higher than 65534 of course), although if you know about a port your ISP uses for VoIP traffic or some other non-throttled activity...give it a go!

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  • 3 weeks later...

thanks a lot for your great advice. all been working well.. I have another issue now.. I am using Belkin N1 modem router and have a desktop with wired connection and wireless connection on a laptop. now the desktop port has been forwarded correctly, but when i try and forward the port in the same way i did on desktop, it doesnt work right and my net connection would be killed for laptop.. In the port forwarding i am putting Utor2 for the application name. is there any guide that would advise how to forward a port for same application on two different machines using same router??

thanks a lot...

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The Belkin N1 modem router and using a wireless connection...means you really need to set global and per-torrent max connections to NO HIGHER THAN 60. :(

Belkin stuff is just junk and wireless connections aren't as reliable as wired anyway.

You have to use a different port for EACH uTorrent you have running.

That way, you forward 1 port to 1 computer and 1 port to the other.

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thanks for the info..

now the question stands is how to create the static ip for the wireless connection for the laptop? lets say the desktop static ip is and when i do ipconfig /all i get preffered ip for wireless -, default getaway still remains to be same as for wired and wireless. . got the dns issue sorted. just confused with the setting up of the static ip..

thnaks for ur help.

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