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New york ISP


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I had Utorrent with SBC 2wire and it worked good. now that i moved where they do not serves this area and i had to get Road Runner with SMC router.

I called them and they said they do not allow port forwarding and handle all the modem settings.

anyone have this ISP and modem with it working good?

mine worked for a day but all torrents i get now say all trackers are offline.

Is there a better ISP for utorrent in manhattan or anyway to get this ISP/modem to work right?

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I'm torrenting without trouble in Broad Channel NY on RR. Did they give you a router? Or is the router yours? If the router is yours, look for a status page, what's the first half of your IP address according to the router? What make and model modem do you have?

If it's provided by RR, is it a cable modem+router? Or a cable modem and a router (separate)? What make and model is it (or are they), and what order are they connected in?

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They gave the cable modem/router and it is 1 unit with 10mbit speed.

Model # SMC8014WG-SI

I did go to the modems website to edit it and they did not give a username/password to edit firewall/forwarding. they said they do not allow costumers to edit the settings.

I do not see a IP address on the router but is the IP address that shows up on Utorrent Port Forwarded testing site right?

Do you have the same modem and/or able to access the modem they gave you with 10mbit speed plan?

found the default username/password wont work and it seems Road runner wont give username/password to use port forwarding. can Utorrent work as good without forwarded? and now it started working but no green cause of port.

Did some reading and found out Road Runner cripples torrents. Road Runner is the only ISP i know of in the Manhattan area.

Anyone know the best ISP for Utorrent in Manhattan?

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If they cripple I haven't noticed. Anyway, I got a modem, and the place I was at in NY uses a modem. I'd try forcing them to give you a regular modem, or see if there is something you can do to break into it.

...maybe Verizon FiOS? Higher rated speeds in the right area, including symmetric connections which would be good for torrenting (if it's true they don't mess with it).

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