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Please help me!!


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I'm from Sri Lanka and im using utorrent 1.7.7 version. My download speed is 512kbps and my upload is 128 kbps. My torrent download speed is very low and i have tried lot of suggestions to tweak the utorrent but it still didn't helped me to get a faster download speed. To download a 350 Mb Episode it take approximately 4 hours of time. if have to download a tv series it will take ages to download. So please help me to increase my speed. by the way i am using a modem, and it's brand is ZTE ZXDSL 852.

I hope you people will help me to solve this problem!

Thank you very much!!

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Your ISP probably throttles and disrupts BitTorrent traffic as much as it can.

Have you tried updating to uTorrent v1.8?

Also try the 128 kilobits/second upload speed settings in the 2nd link in my signature.

The 1st link in my signature can hopefully speed things up further.

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