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my modem has the DSL light on so i think it is one and i look on the back of the modem and i see it says SIEMENS speedsteam 4200 and it says part number 060-D242-A65

i when i called linksys the maker of my router they gave me a static ip but i dont think they know what there are doing cuz after that said they couldn't help me the static ip they gave i used when i when to the site www.portforward.com it and i dont know what DHCP is but in my routers setup it say Maximum Number of DHCP Users: 50 and the Static DNS 1 though 3 have all zeros in them i when to the site you gave me but i got stuck at the part when the said where the DHCP cuz i cant find it

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the link you sent me is for a modem my modem look like the but the link they give you doesn't work and they keep on saying router isn't that a modem and when i open my modem though a web page i don't get nothing close to what is shown and said on the page and 3rd party firmware does it do the same thing as the normal firmware

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@crag2085: The point is, your modem also acts as a router, so even if you forward the port on your Linksys, it won't properly receive incoming connections unless you configure the modem to pass it the incoming connections. In other words, you're in a double-NAT situation. You'll need to either forward the port from your modem to your router, or turn routing off on your modem entirely by setting it to bridge mode. Because how you do that is different depending on modem, you'll have to explore the modem interface on your own.

If you can't connect to your modem's configuration page, you'll need to connect your computer directly to the modem, then perform the same procedure as when you're trying to configure any router -- check Start > Run > ipconfig /all to find its gateway IP address to visit in your browser.

A more detailed explanation regarding double-NAT can be found in the advanced port forwarding guide in the manual.

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craig i have the exact same problem i have isp bell sympatico with the 4200 :/ from what bells tech tell me the siemens 4200 isnt a modem/router and when i log into the routers web-interface i get a bell config page where i can about only check see if its connected and reenter my b1xxxx activation code and password.its funny tho if u look in the "bell sympatico internet help site" and look at the 4200 router they send u when u sign up it shows a very different web-interface page thats from speedstream and not from bell? also in the speedstream web-interface config page it show portforwarding options etc, but u cant connect to that lolz i hate sympatico :/

last time i called the bell the tech told me this 4200 modem didnt have port forward capabilities and that they didnt close/block ports hmm lol.he then proceeded to try and get me to switch to another they have,the modem/router wireless (the 2wire one) for a modest one time fee of 55$ or 79$ (he wasnt sure which lol).he also said i WOULD be able to port forward with there help with this new modem as there experts with it

id be curious if you have had any kind of succes as it might be helpfull to me aswell,from what im able to tell u cant port forward bells 4200 modem or even have it works as a bridge to use your router correctly tho im not sure about this last part,im just some poor guy suffering from a bell sympatico aneursym :/ if i have anykind of succes ill let u know gl

edit:@ craig i am assuming u have bell sympatico like me with the 4200,this worked for me hee and i got my "modem" to go into bridge mode finaly..yay

to reset modem i went into the web/interface and did a reset to factor settings or use this method:

(i had trouble with this method so...try above one if u do to)

1. Using the tip of a ballpoint pen or unfolded paperclip, press and hold the Reset button located on the bottom of the 4200. The pwr LED will blink red once, indicating that the reset has begun.

2. Continue depressing the Reset button for four seconds or until the pwr LED begins to blink alternating red-to-green.

3. Release the Reset button.

***If you continue pressing in the reset button at this point (step 3) after the red-green flashing lights, the 4200 will cancel the reset. You don't want this.

If the 4200 is in bridge mode via factory reset, it will not have your B1# and password in it.

If you have no router, use your Operating System PPPoE to connect.see this link:http://service.sympatico.ca/index.cfm?method=content.view&content_id=1158&catego

If you have a router plug the 4200 to it, Enter your B1 user ID and password in the routers appropriate place (within its web-interface, not where u put pass to get into routers interface) and make sure it does a PPPoE connection and not PPPoA or something else. now when u can surf the web(after doing all this i had to reboot my router and let it reconect) u can go here:http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm and follow these simple instructions for a static ip and port forwarding

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