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YoYo Speeds and Connections


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I use µTorrent alot. A Heck of a lot.

Normally my speeds vary from torrent - torrent - mainly because of a handful of seeders, few leechers - so i'm patient and expect around 30KbP/s per torrent.

my internet connection is a 2MB Unlimited Fibre Optic line, btw.

However, since earlier, utorrent's been playing up.

i was getting around 150kbps on one torrent - which happens a lot - and i had to exit it and check something [internet griiinds to a halt when utorrents working] however since starting utorrent again i got a yellow "no incoming connections" triangle, despite it being the same port that was green a few minutes prior, so i randomised the port a few times, got no where so set up a static IP and forwarded my router etc... lovely.

however, speeds are still really lacklustre all of a sudden - the same amount of peers/leechers are online for most as before, however my speeds are like 0.8kbps.... !

i've tried both encrypting and uncrypting - and uncrypting brings them up to sorta 20kbps

but i'm just worried, because normally it's been fine and nothing's played up - til now.

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What's your uTorrent settings?

(Compare them to what I recommend in the 2nd link in my signature.)

How fast is your measured upload and download sustainable max speeds in kilobits/second in speed tests?

(helps to know in deciding uTorrent settings!)

A couple recent Windows update patches may have screwed your computer over.

I've heard Win XP SP3 and Vista recent patches breaks software firewalls...of which most are complete junk anyway!

And the half open connection limit is almost always reset to 10 by every windows update patch, so if uTorrent's half open connection max is set higher than 8...there WILL be problems!

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