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reached 100%, but one of the file was damaged.


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Hello, even if I am new here I am one of those users that have used this software for a long time, and yet have not joined the forums until now.

Its the first time I have had this kind of problem, and with the hash check, I was thinking it could not happen at all yet it happened today, so I am wondering what went wrong. I am downloading a large file ( dont ask, I wont say what it is anyway ), its composed of 4 iso files (again dont ask), my pc went on the whole night/day and when I came back from work the download was ready (100%). I also found my firewall crashed, (vsmonitor from zonealarm) I usually close it but this time I think I forgot to close it, anyway I left the pc seeding the files I downloaded for quite a while (6 hours I think) I closed utorrent then and when to install the software late at night. The first 3 cd mounted and installed without any problems, the fourth however was showing "this file cant be rcognized or is damaged" warnings, at first I was thinking it was the original file that was damaged, but I found zero comments about any damaged file in the site I downloaded the torrent from, and the file had been up for more than 2 years. So I started to doubt the integrity of the file I had downloaded.

I deleted the torrent from utorrent and readded the torrent file ( I always save it), and let the program make a check of the file and well it failed around 92% I think, and started to download again at 92.x %, with the fourth cd at 52% and the third cd at 99.9% ( first and second were 100% so they were good I think).

My question is since I left the pc seeding is possible that I uploaded corrupt data, or that someone uploaded corrupt data for me? I know the hash function check should prevent this but I dont know anymore since it failed on me.

Any idea of why it happen? or how to prevent it from happening again?.

Any help is welcome, Thanks.

Edit: OS: windows xp sp2, file system NTFS, firewall: zone alarm 7.0.337.000 (properly configured) Amtivirus: AVG 7.5.

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