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port won't forward to Windows 2003. XP is OK!. Firewall is Off


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I have been running uTorrent for a long time. Router is Linksys WRT54G with ddwrt, and works fine. I forward uTorrent ports to my PCs using router's config. Never had a problem while using it with XP or VISTA.

Now I decided to use Windows 2003 for my main OS, and I can't get uTorrent to work properly in it. When I use the "Speed Guide" from the Options menu (v1.7.7 build 8179), "Test if port is forwarded properly" fails. I have made sure that the PC has a static IP address, and that the stated port is forwarded in the router to my PC for both TCP and UDP. Firewall on the machine is *OFF* as well (I even tried disabling it in Services).

My downloads can't go past 10-12KB/sec, while they should be around 600KB/sec. What gives? It's a classic symptom of traffic being blocked. But what could be causing it? This is "clean" new machine, with no other firewall or AV installed on it yet.

Please help! How can I enable ports in Windows 2003? What could be blocking the traffic when the firewall is disabled?

thanks much.

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