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Help ME!!! Everything lost....


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Hello guys i have free internet at night... So i have scheduled my downloads to start at 3 in the morning... yesterday it started fine and i was downloading some pretty big stuffs and was simultaneously downloading from 6 torrents... about 4 GB in each torrents... but by 5 this orning there was a short period of power loss and my system turned off without proper shutdown and when power came back to my frustration i dont find anything in utorrent... i mean there is no torrent displayed in the utorrent.. what should i do..??? help me... i hd spend too much nights to get these things downloaded...:(

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okay how do I find where the files are not sure what i am looking for. and then not real sure how to start them again.okay I found the folder but the only thing in it is

dht video Cd movie

DHT DAT old file

resume video Cd movie

resume.dat old file

rss video Cd movie

settings video Cd movie

settings.dat old file

okay I figured it out hope I did not waste anyone's time

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