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uTorrent not working 2


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I have the same problemas dazzlet...I was able to use utorrent but now for some reason i can not download at all. evertything was fine yesturday but today there is nothing downloading the little service icon in the bottom i generally not there there is not ! or green circle the box is empty i have chaced for portforwarding and it says the port is forwarding correctly. sometimes the yellow ! comes up but it still say port forwarding is ok so i dont know what else it can be please help....I can't download any torrent from any webpage....

i am using windows xp

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Others on the same ISP (athedsl-######.home.otenet.gr) as you are having problems:




That we've had a small rash of reports from the same ISP in such short notice...gives me reason to believe that ISP is probably crippling BitTorrent traffic in some way.

However just to rule out other problems, please try the first link in my signature.

...Then try the 2nd to give uTorrent more conservative settings.

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