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Unable to get external IP


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running windows 2000 service pack 4 with august rollup (sp4.5)

had 1.61 as it worked with UPnP (2000 has no UPnP)

(one motorola modem and a wrt54g (with dd-wrt) the motorola goes into bridge mode)

I upgraded to 1.8 RC4 and now have this error message in my log

[2008-07-21 15:54:46] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying.

[2008-07-21 15:54:48] UPnP: Discovered host:

[2008-07-21 15:54:48] UPnP: Discovered new device: "urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:WANConnectionDevice:1"

[2008-07-21 15:54:49] UPnP: Mapped TCP port 1030 ->

[2008-07-21 15:54:49] UPnP: TCP port 1030 -> mapped successfully.

[2008-07-21 15:54:49] UPnP: Mapped UDP port 1030 ->

[2008-07-21 15:54:49] UPnP: UDP port 1030 -> mapped successfully.

[2008-07-21 15:54:49] UPnP: Getting external IP

[2008-07-21 15:54:49] UPnP: Unable to get external IP.

[2008-07-21 15:54:54] NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP.

the "UPnP: Unable to get external IP" is what I am mostly worried about

as I cannot get xp (on my second partition) to unlock the "half-open connections" causing the dreded tcpip error.

my windows 2000 with sp4.5 has no limits that I know of.



thanks for the quick reply firon

but if you would expand on you message of "ignore it"

a config issue?

is this a utorrent problem?

a windows 2000 compatability problem?

a windows xp compatability problem?

or ??????

and rc5 still shows this

as 1.8rc4 and up change the settings.dat

I have an error message about UPnP when I try to revert back to 1.61

(guessing that I need to delete settings dat and settings old)

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never mind

last time I was here was 6-2006

where I had to find my own help (took me 3+ weeks to solve my problem (rc 1.5))

after some helpfull advice from firon last time too.

but I will be back in 2010~ when the next beta/rc is out and will see how far firon has evolved by then.

I dont think this should have been moved from the 1.8beta forum as this is an error message.

but firon is the admin

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