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Just switched from 1.7.7 to 1.8 and...


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I just switched from 1.7.7 to 1.8 and my download speed spiked from 10kb/s to 100kb/s+ with 6 seeds.

BUT uTorrent is still giving me the red exclamation mark !

I just read about every single portforwarding thread and followed almost every possible way to portforward and nothing seems to work. I even connected my modem directly to my computer and still the red exclamation mark persists.

My router model is LINKSYS WRT54GS and my cable modem model is Motorola SURFBoard SB5100 - Yes, I have read many comments involving Motorola SURFBoard models and how they somehow block ports.

SOOO...my question - Is there a way you allow ports with Motorola SURFBoard models?

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It may not be your modem...

Do you have any antivirus/antispyware software on your computer?

(These MAY contain software firewalls as well!)

Run HijackThis! and/or Process Explorer?

(1st link in my signature goes into this in depth.)

My guess is you're on a throttled ISP like Rogers Cable in Canada...which explains somewhat why uTorrent v1.8 does better than v1.7 (due to hiding better from throttling hardware).

Try the 2nd link in my signature for more "lightweight" settings for uTorrent. Down/Up speeds may even improve slightly from it.

Do note that with your ISP, you probably CAN'T use max upload speed in uTorrent. :(

...So notice how fast you can upload in uTorrent (by testing) and base uTorrent's settings off that.

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