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Yay slow speeds...


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First, Yes i read and followed all the links in the faq

Platform : windows (Vista 32bit) quad core

IPS : clearwire(wireless ISP) 1.5Mbs DL (tested) 256 Kbs UL (Tested)

I have a direct connection to the modem (no router) windows firewalll with Utorrent passed, User account controls: disabled

I am running (forced encryption because MY ISP are asses about throtteling you)

Speed settings are the default settings for a xx/256k connection

UPnP port mapping and NAT-PMP port mapping are both disabled.

I have a green light on ports

I used the workaround for Vista's tdpip issue this raised my xfer rates from 5kbs to 10-12kbs thanks

With one torrent active and connection to 5 seeds and 9 peers i would think that my DL rate would be slightly higher than 5.6-15.8 kbs.

When i select the peers tab i see 3-4 seeds with the nice shiney "D" flag however my client is not connecting to them. If there is any vital information i have left out please let me know

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With wireless internet, it's best to not make nearly as many ip-to-ip connections as Speed Guide recommends. You will probably be better off by reducing both global and per-torrent max connections to 100...maybe even as low as 60.

Try unchecking accept incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections if you haven't already.

Also, to further reduce the number of connections uTorrent makes, disable DHT, LPD, and Resolve IPs. Leave Peer Exchange enabled -- it reuses peer and seed connections. This way, you won't need to forward UDP packets...only TCP is needed forwarded if you have a router.

Is your upload speed hovering steady at the upload max speed that you told uTorrent to use?

(It should be...unless the throttling by your ISP is crippling it...or you have other problems too!)

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I unchecked accept incoming legacy connections and LPT. DHT was already disabled.I also lowered my speed connections as recomended to 100 global and 60 per Torrent.I am also useing random port assignment if that makes any difference.(I also dropped the number of half open connections to 4. As long as I use forced encryption my IPS does NOT throttle my connection, as i have tested it regularly)*

My upload speeds are exactily what they should be but my DL speeds are still low. i get upwards of 17-20 Kbs from Peers and barely anything from seeds if they actually connect at all. for some reason my client seems to shun opening connections with seeds.

current torrent (56% complete) is connected to 2 seeds

1 st seed : flagged [D IXE] Dl speed .7Kbs and dropping

2nd seed : flagged [D XE] No transfer at all

as i typed this both seeds were dropped

they appear to connect to my client and leave an open connection for 10-15 seconds and when my client does nothing they close the connections and drop me. is there something in the Vista firewall that could be interfering with the connection, despite being allowed in the exception table?(I do not like the way windows interferes with so many processes.) Could this have something to do with the client packet prioritization/prefrence?)

I am also useing AVG virus scanner but as far as i know it has no firewall.

Thank you kindly for your time and consideration

P.S. current client is Utorrent 1.8


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I thank you again for your great information.

I have read much about this "Sandvine" technology now and there is obviosly much to say about it from both sides of the issue.


To make this short is there a way to make my utorrent work again or has my ISP "effectively blocked" utorrent?

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I am on ComCast, and pretty heavily "Sandvined" too. I have some success with forced encryption, NO incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections...and stuff like DHT, LPD, UPnP, and Resolve IPs disabled.

I also experimented with outgoing port choices...but found the default of using ephemeral ports (1024-5000) seems to be best as they count upwards instead of reusing the same port over-and-over again. (...which would make them an easier target.)

You'll probably never get more than 20 total connections while seeding. For me, it's RARE to top 10 connections...and often have trouble holding onto more than 5...even while "seeding" 5-10 torrents.

It really helps to have the DEBUG column shown in the top torrents window. The 1st number is current half open connections, the second I'm not sure about, the 3rd and last number is current MAX allowed upload slots...which is based on your max upload speed and how many active torrents you have at once. uTorrent generally won't let average upload speed per upload slot fall below ~1.5 KiloBYTES/second unless you start too many torrents at once.

If you can get the same ip after resetting your computer and router, then you can even set uTorrent's half open max limit to 0 for awhile to not make ANY outgoing connections and only accept incoming.

I raise my half open max limit for awhile, cycle through ips, then set it back to 0. Sometimes I let it run with half open limit set to 1, as this "sporadic" rate also seems to have a little success -- especially when mixed with web surfing at the same time.

The highest settings here talks about possible workarounds for Sandvine:


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