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Optimization for italian dsl line


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Hi to everybody, (sorry for my bad english) I am an Italian consumer of uTorrent, use now the version 1.8 and I am very well me.

I have read your guides and faq and I wanted to make a consideration on the lines Italian dsl.

The lines dsls in italy are very unbalanced toward the Download, for instance, the line dsl that I have me,

what then one would be among the more fiffuses dsl it has 7 Mbits in Download and 480 kilobits in Upload. Then I wondered me if the parameters that I have found in a chart on the forum uTorrent http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259

they are optimal to use at the most the speed in download. Having these two paramtris of the dsl 7 mbitses Down and could 480 Kbitses Up, may you give me a configuration "official and optimal" for this type of dsl? I would divulge her in Italy

because there is one turned on discussion among consumers BT that makes use of uTorrent on what parameters to use for "to squeeze" at the most the speed in download. I would want if it is me granted, to make a consideration: it would not be better to have two standard configurations and to pass from the one to the other on the "flight", one would be optimized for giving the best in Download and the other to give the best in Upload when it makes him the seed.

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If everyone tried to use "extreme download" settings, everyone would have slow download speeds.

And even if only a few used ridiculous settings, the average download speeds for everyone would probably GO DOWN. Sometimes, even the user of such settings won't get as good a download speed as they would otherwise.

Having said that, the 448 kbit/sec (kilobits/second) upload max setting is closest to your line...which has 480 kilobits/second upload speed max. Those settings are optimized for upload, however they SHOULD net a better download speed than many possible combinations. It will be very unusual for your download speeds to be lower than your upload speed with my suggested settings.

Were I to try to tweak such settings further, I might consider raising upload speed some...because there's a difference between a "clean" 480 kilobits/second upload speed max with low latency and a shared not-quite-480 kilobits/second upload speed max which has lots of latency, dropped packets, and lag.

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