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uTorrent Still Downloads Even After My Proxy Dies


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Is there anyway to make it so uTorrent downloads ONLY when my proxy is active???

I use a SSH tunnel to connect to a proxy server.

I have configured uTorrent to tunnel using Socks5 to my proxy server.

It uses authentication so I have the username and password typed in.

And I also have it checked to use the proxy for peer to peer connections.

I want it so that utorrent downloads ONLY when the proxy server is active.

If the proxy server is down when I start utorrent, none of my active torrents will start, which is what I want. Then I start the proxy server and the downloads begin.

If I wait a few minutes and then close the proxy, utorrent keeps downloading!!!

Is there anyway to make it so this doesn't happen.?????

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Thanks for the quick reply,

I updated to 1.8 as you suggested. Only I don't think it worked. I am still able to download files even if the SSH tunnel to my proxy is inactive.

Maybe I should explain in more detail. I may not have chosen my words properly in my last post. What I want is that all of my utorrent traffic is somehow filtered. I want to know I am private and safe.

So first a question: If I configure utorrent for a SOCKS5 connection with username and password and everything, do I need to do anything else? How do I know when I am safe?

Because my understanding was that I would have to start the SSH tunnel to my proxy service that I pay for, and then all net traffic would have to be configured to run through that. If that is the case, how do I force utorrent downloads to only be active when my SSH tunnel is active?

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Right, I have all that.

But do I need to run this SSH tunnel to my proxy in order to be safe?

Or does utorrents setting of all the proxy features, authentication etc and the "use proxy server for peer to peer" connection accomplish the proxification on its own?

I don't full understand how proxies work.

It just worries me when I haven't setup my SSH to proxy and I am able to download.

I want somehow to know it's safe....?

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