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Multiple instances working on the same files


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Okay, what I am basically trying to accomplish is this:

I want the scheduler to not only enable or disable torrenting at certain times, but also to switch configuration. Specifically, I want this setup:

From 7am to 3am, I want uTorrent to use a certain port and to enable encryption and only allow encrypted connections to me.

From 3am to 7am, I want uTorrent to use another certain port, and to disable encryption altogether.

This is because my provider allows torrent traffic between 3am and 7am, but not from 7am to 3am. Until now, I have just been running encrypted with no problems. My provider can't detect what type of traffic I have. The problem is that things are a lot slower when demanding encryption (because only a few uploaders offer encrypted torrenting), and because I can't a port that is open to the outside world, except for 3am-7am.

It would of course be neatest if the uTorrent scheduler just supported this situation, but since it doesn't, I am thinking of running two instances, each with different configuration and schedule. The schedules of the two doesn't have to be exactly back to back, if that causes issues. There could be a 5 minutes gap between them. But they would have to work on the same files, that is, download and upload on the same files in my Downloads directory.

Can this be done?

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This would let you have multiple copies of the settings files. You'd have to duplicate the exe/dat files for each instance. But the resume data wouldn't be shared. If you had an external script that would copy resume.dat from one folder to the other before launching utorrent, such an idea would work.

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