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Utorrent and Vista problems read HERE


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hey everyone!

I was having a lot of speed problems using vista and utorrent. The speed went up and down, then it couldnt connect to seeds, and everything you've probably read around happened to me!

Then I installed utorrent 1.8 beta. i went through the options to see what has changed and I saw this INSTAL IPV6/TEREDO thing. So I clicked on it, cos im on wireless and using ipv6. I waited for a couple of seconds and the speed suddenly went from 12kb/s to 643kb/s.

You might want to try that!

good luck


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You were probably firewalled in uTorrent (no green light at bottom).

IPv6/Teredo can tunnel through firewalls, though it's not always successful at doing so.

But that means you gain access to seeds and peers you couldn't connect to before.

It also depends on what torrent/s you're running. If you're already connected to every peer+seed on the torrent, then you won't see a speed increase with this feature. ...But likewise you shouldn't see any speed decrease either. :)

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