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utorrent speed ???


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i use to used bitcomet but after i switch isp (from covad-aol to att), upgrade my ram to 1gb ddr, format my computer, i dont get the download speed i used to in my bitcomet.

my internet speed is dl 1.5 up 256 (before n after isp change). that's why i switch my torrent client to utorrent. before i used to have dl speed of up to 298kB(highest i could get using bitcomet) but now i could only get 150kB(max using utorrent. i dont use bitcomet anymore). i dont know whats wrong with it. i already tried following those topics here that was stickied. but still nothing.

my modem/router is 2wire gateway.

windows xp sp 3

up for utorrent is 24kB

global max # of connection: 130 (i tried changing this but nothing happens)

max # of connected peers per torrent: 70 (same here)

did already port forwarding.

antivirus kaspersky (i used to have pccillin and spysweeper but virus can still get inside my computer thats why i change it)

no 3rd party firewall(i already did that exception procedure for the firewall)

for some reason 150kB is the only maximum speed i could get(alot of seed/swarm), and im kinda puzzled why, when before i could get 298kB w/ my old isp provider using bitcomet(why did i ever change hehehehe my old isp n my current isp speed are the same). i already did that isp check thingy and seems that my isp doesnt interfere with my bittorrent. i dont know what to do anymore.

please help. thanks in advance. :smile

edit: if i used bitcomet i could only get dl speed below 70, thats why i switch to utorrent. im just confused why i dont get the speed i used to anymore (w/c was 298kB)

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Before, you were getting a LOT more than 1.5 megabits/second down.

298 KiloBYTES/second download speed requires 2.4 megabits/second download bandwidth MINIMUM.

If you're getting 150 KiloBYTES/second download speed, then you're probably getting at least close to 1.5 megabits/second down.

Knowing your connection's limits, you might get slightly higher speeds with considerably fewer peers/seeds on 1 or 2 torrents. Connection overhead for each peer and seed cuts into your total down+up speeds even if they are idle.

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i have a feeling that my old isp connection was kinda faster (covad-aol), cause ive been complaining alot to them that i always get disconnected, and somehow they've been telling me to do this and do that, and before i knew it my connection was stable...

but when i check my speed (speedtest), i still get close to 1.5mb (in my old isp) so i thought i still have the 1.5mb internet speed you know.

i should've stick with them, wwwwwhhhhyyy've i ever change isp. i just hate the aol browser, even though i dont use it.

sorry about that...anyways last question, so is 150kB a good speed for 1.5mb(internet speed connection) or do i need to do a little configuration (to increase it alittle bit, kinda greedy huh??? sorry), if i need to do a little configuration on utorrent, can u direct me to where???

and thanx for the prompt and helpful reply. thank you very much!!! thank you. keep up the good work!!! peace.

now i just need that $5 extra to up my speed to 3 mbps (btw whats the maximum speed i could get on utorrent in kB/s if i have a 3mbps internet connection? just curious. you dont have to answer it if your busy. thanks.)

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