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Download Speed Split Slow


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Hi, I am currently having an issue with utorrent. I have been running utorrent for nearly two years without issues. My port is properly forward. Green Triangle connection, and have no interference from firewalls or antivirus. I only run Windows Vista Firewall and no third party software.

However, as of late whenever I am downloading a torrent my speed does not exceed 30Kb/s. I have tried tweaking my upload limit from anywhere between 10Kb/s to 40Kb/s. According to the speedtest my Upload Speed should be a 512KB connection. As previously stated I am running Windows Vista SP1, 32bit.

My ISP is not throttling my torrents (G3 Telecom) and I have no issues with my router (Dlink DI-604).

I run a clean setup on my computer and have minimal processes running, usually only Steam and MSN Messenger. My computers specifications are as follows:

Asus P5K

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.00GHz

2GB OCZ Reaper HPC Ram @ 1066MHz

BFG GeForce 8800GTX

I have tried running the test torrents such as Open Office and even then my speed is still limited when I attempt downloading. When I attempt to download two torrents at once my speed is usually split between the two.

Global Maximum Connections: 200

Maximum Number of Connections: 50

Number of Upload Slots per Torrent: 4

Maximum Number of Active Torrents: 8

Maximum Number of Active Downloads: 5

net.max_halfopen = 8

I have DHT and UPnP enabled. I have toyed with my Global Maximum and maximum number of connections increasing them +/- 50 or so on each level but neither have had an impact on my speed. I do not have spikes of high speed and my speed usually remains capped at ~30Kb/s on a well seeded torrent.

Currently have 27(86) Seeds and 9(248) Peers. Yet I have been downloading the torrent at 30Kb/s for the entire duration of the 300MB file.

Does anyone know what may be going on, or could help anyway?

Thank you in advanced for any advice.

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Your ISP is quite likely throttling BitTorrent traffic. The OpenOffice "test" torrent should max out your connection's download speed. Even if you were firewalled in uTorrent, (which you said you're not!) there's enough very fast seeds on the OpenOffice test torrent...that it doesn't matter. :)

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