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how to improve upload speed?


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When seeding for a file, I notice that the upload speed is extremely slow and sometimes not uploading at all even though there are peers connected. I set the upload speed to unlimited and have tried setting upload slot to 50-100, but nothing seems to help. I have tried connect the computer without firewall but does not help at all. Any tips?

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What are the speed test results for your connection for both down and up?

What settings are you currently using in uTorrent, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

How many torrents are you running at once?

About how many peers and seeds does each active torrent have?

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Only one active torrent. 5-10 peers. I notice that some of them are at a ok upload speed (i.e. 50Kb/s), others are completely zero. I am the only initial/only seeder.

according to dslreport, my down is 850Kb/s, up is 550Kb/s

upload limit = 0

upload slot = 20

connections = 200

connections (global) = 20000

max active torrent = 8

max active download = 5

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