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UTorrent Noob with slow speeds


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hi there,

I'm a noob using UTorrent for the first time. I have a 20mb/s download and 768kb/s upload connection with virgin media. I have vista ultimate edition and UTorrent v1.8. My modem is connected to a netgear router wg614 and i have forwarded a port, which is tested as working ok.

I have setup UT to the best options that i know, but i'm not getting decent speeds that i used to have with bittorrent (approx 600k download speed). I'm only getting download speeds of 150kb/sec which is fairly low.

These are the settings i've used so far:-

1. i've capped my upload at 85k as the modem kept on rebooting when imy upload was maxed out.

2. Disabled windows disk read/write, overidden automatic cache to 900mb.

4. Global Maximum connections=400, Max connected per torrent=70, upload slot per torrent=3

5. Max active torrent=14, Max active download=10, seed ratio=150%

6. Enable DHT=Yes, Enable DHT 4 New torrent=Yes, Enable Local Peer Discovery=Yes, Ask Tracker Scrape Info=Yes, Enable Peer Exchange=Yes, Limit local peer bandwidth=No

7. Protocol Encryption= Outgoing Enabled, Allow Incoming Legacy Connections=Yes

Any help would be most appreciated

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Set the disk cache options back to default. Your connection isn't fast enough for it to help.

What is your connection's upload speed in kbit/s? According to a speed test, that is. I just wanna know how close to 768k you actually get.

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i'm not very good at this kb or kbit thing mate. All i can tell you is that virgin give you 20mb download and 768kb/s upload. This when i test speeds in a usenet download test should be about 2megabyte download per second. I believe the 768kb is approx 76.8kilobyte upload speed.

I do have some good news though as i followed Switeck's guide link and set the connection according to the chart and now i'm getting d/l speeds in excess of 800kb/sec.

However, I think that i could still improve on this and any advice of your would be much appreciated.

Thanks again

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