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Dying torrents and High speed


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Well, my home connection is just a regular DSL connection. I can download up to 300 KB/s but my upload speed goes only up to 40 KB/s, and I have to limit torrent's upload speed to 10-20 KB/s or it just becomes unbearable to use the Internet.

But I can take my laptop to someplace else where downloads reach 10 MB/s and uploads can go to up to 2 MB/s. There, I can upload at full capacity and I can still browse smoothly.

And this is just a question that struck me now. I am downloading huge torrents (4+ GB) with very few seeds and a handful of leechers. When I have the fast connection I can upload ridiculously fast, meaning that peers in the swarm will download faster and probably finish the torrent faster.

But considering that most people just stop seeding as soon as they finish their downloads, would it make sense to limit the upload speed to about 10 KB/s (which is my download speed for those torrent) so I can get the most pieces before everybody leaves the swarm?

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At the faster place, upload faster...it will pay off well enough. You'll still get your file and you really can't do anything about hit-and-run (download and leave) peers.

At home...I'm convinced you have other settings issues hurting your browsing besides upload speed.

Have you tried the 1st and 2nd links in my signature?

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