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Reducing corrupt frames received using a wireless connection?


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As my topic states, I was hoping someone could provide methods for reducing the number of frames that arrive with a CRC error. Most likely from a lightning storm as it started after that storm (cables and splitters for several neighbors had to be replaced), my computers speed has been horrible. Regular download speed 750 KBps, I have been getting a meager 80 KBps in µT, speed tests no better. Disabling TX bursting has brought my speed up to 114.5 KB/sec in speed testing (albeit unstable). I also suffer from flash files only partially loading and such. Moving the card to another computer also showed that computer had trouble, till I switched to Wireless Zero Configuration. While seeming to lack reliability, it seemed the card works better when closer to the router. WZC hasn't really helped on my computer, which is a greater distance away. In fact, I had lost my connection after switching to WZC. Toggling betweek WZC and Ralink Config brought the speed back to normal, but a subsequent test not a minute after showed poor results. I was hoping someone would have ideas on specific tweaks to bring the speed up. According to my statistics in Ralink, only about 6% of the frames I receive are done so successfully. About 94% have CRC errors.

I'm also looking for advice on wireless cards, specifically, do any forumers use a WMP54G Linksys card successfully? And at what speed?

Edit: Forgot to mention, currently using a Zonet ZEW1601, contains a Ralink chipset, RT2561.

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