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Newbie Help...What am I doing wrong


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Every time I do a torrent, for a game, or any kind of softare, i get this: please insert discl or proper disc, or disc one into drive and restart and try again..

i can get the stuff to burn to discs..so i re-install that way..then i get the same message. i entered the key codes when asked...

im so lost right now..and what is poweriso..and am i using that at all right?? ive been trying to dl age of empires 3 - with expansions, and age of methology. i also tried photoshop, some anti virus, and music.. i get the same error message when i click the desktop icon that pops up after it supposedly installs..

someone help! email me please!!! j.l.heidemann@hotmail.com

i just want to know the proper way to use torrent...

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