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  1. Num pad, * key... it's mentioned above in passing. It's some sort of listview default. Collapse all... reload the treeview. :/
  2. Wireless dongle? That sadly isn't enough with default settings. Wireless drivers are generally good 1) when you have a dedicated card 2)when multiple adapter software doesn't fight for "management" BUT they don't work so well when talking about wireless adapters (USB/Firewire/etc) or x64 unless you pay for high quality. Lower concurrent connections below 100. .. Make your own thread or at least put in USEFUL information if/when you respond again please.
  3. I think a clickable name is both easier to click as well as intuitive Also for information overload, I would agree with all but two of Lord Alderaan's order, switching Availability and Peers/Seeds #
  4. What were you doing while it was happening? Nothing? Downloading 1 torrent? Uploading 3 torrents?
  5. Troller, unaccounted for bandwidth is usually from bad settings. What are your Ctrl-G settings? Are you running active RSS feeds?
  6. How long have you been running that uT? It looks like it's an overflow issue.
  7. ... If they're listed in uT, the editor shows them. You're not looking at the right file.
  8. Vista, non-superuser. Not a problem It just means you can't make the firewall rule so uT can't do it manually. If you NEED a rule and are using Windows Firewall, do so. Next time, searching on the error i.e. "Windows Firewall" 0x________ would be better. If it's the first time seeing it's understandable to want to post in this thread, but it would better suited for the Troubleshooting forum
  9. Toolbar up top? Press F4, (or read above)
  10. ... stagnant as opposed to what? Isn't most of the available information already referenced.. seeing lots of requests for MORE INFO as opposed to different function, etc.
  11. ... Unless you are in Hungary on UPC internet, make your OWN TROUBLESHOOTING THREAD. It's in the top post for a reason.
  12. There should be a read-me in the manual download but you can click the link in thetoppost or which is the bug center. How to start? Get 1.8.1 from , Ctrl-P > Advanced > WebUI , enable it, set a password, say OK, t should download the client for you.
  13. Update your client. 1.6.1 is no longer supported here.
  14. Release dates aren't secret. They aren't public. Nor are they ever expected. ><
  15. That's your 802.11 a/b signal. If the speedtest shows < 200, yes try the xx/192 settings.