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uTorrent Settings with Verizon FIOS


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I recently got Verizon FIOS installed. My plan calls for 20Mbps/20Mbps. Now I should know the answer to this because I've been torrenting for almost 4 years now but I can't seem to get my mind around the whole Capital-lowercase letter thing when it comes to MB,Mb,mB,KB,Kb,kB and so on. i currently have my uploads set to 2000 kB/s in uTorrent. but for some reason that doesn't sound like 80% of my max upload speed.

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20 in this case means 20 megabits/second.

Converting to theoretical BYTE amounts requires dividing by 8.

So 2.5 MegaBYTES/second.

80% of that is 2 MegaBYTES/second

Incidentally, dividing by 8 and then taking 80% of that is the same as dividing by 10...which to me is a lot easier. :P

You can try raising/lowering upload speed max while running a busy torrent with lots of peers on it...and see just how closely you can get to your theoretical max.

2nd link in my signature apparently has 20 megabits/second upload speed value set slightly higher than 80%.

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